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Want quick and easy help? That’s what we do at Krauw. Krauw is a small and young company that specializes in furnishing workplaces in the field of hardware and software. At Krauw you will receive a complete customized IT solution in clear and understandable language. We supply all products and services in the field of hardware, software and office supplies.

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ICT Flex Workplaces

You can work anywhere these days. At the office, at home or on the go. Then your workplace must of course be well furnished. Krauw is happy to help you with that. Whether it is a new employee who needs a new workplace with the right hardware and software or a current computer that needs an upgrade with the latest software. It is a time-consuming and complicated job, but we are happy to make it easy for you with good tailor-made advice.

ICT Network and Security

At Krauw, your network is well secured. Being completely protected can never be guaranteed, but at Krauw we come pretty close. With sound IT security, fixed networks such as Cicso and with a malfunction solution, we ensure that you no longer have to worry about this. Good network security is a must for your business. When multiple devices connect to your network, you need solutions that guarantee security, speed and reliability. We are happy to advise you in the field of network and security. Take advantage of one of our secure networks that meet business and user needs. We always find a solution that suits you. From Firewall to security software. We have it all in house.

Cloud solutions

Do you want to access your files, documents and programs anywhere, anytime? That is possible with a cloud. Krauw is happy to help you by providing cloud services, setting up and maintaining a cloud. For example, use Microsoft365 to always have access to all programs such as Word and Powerpoint. You can also think of Avaya Cloud Office, Microsoft Dynamics and Acronis backup. Everything is possible in the field of Cloud.

ICT & Automation Services

Would you rather pay a fixed amount per month for certain products or services? Do you have old hardware that needs to be removed before the new one can be installed? Is your laptop or computer still full and does the data on it need to be safely removed before the hardware is thrown away? Krauw is happy to help you with this. Whatever your wishes or needs are, Krauw will make a tailor-made plan together with you. As a company or as a person, you can always contact Krauw with technical questions.

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We are happy to make a customized proposal for B2B requests. We look for the right products and services for you that suit your business.


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