Set up workplaces and ensure that everything is ready for a new employee or colleague? Krauw is happy to help you with that. Whether it’s software or hardware. The solution is here.


Home workplace and office

Working from home or at the office. It’s all possible these days. The workplace design is getting better and better through technology and knowledge. It is possible to access all documents, files and programs both at the office and at the workplace at home or on the road. Logging in remotely and on different devices is feasible for everyone. Have the right tools with the help of Krauw.

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Krauw makes it possible to access your work environment from anywhere. Everything in the field of hardware that you need to set up your work environment is available. Hardware is everything tangible in and around a computer (system). This mainly concerns computers and laptops. It differs per company which hardware is needed. Krauw is happy to advise you on this. In addition to the larger hardware, it is also possible to order spare parts and smaller hardware from Krauw.



Krauw gives you tailor-made advice about the required software. Every piece of software and every software package has specific possibilities, so it differs per person and per company what is needed. Krauw has various software available such as Microsoft Office 365, Avaya Cloud Office and Acronis Back Up. Krauw likes to think along with your company about what software is needed for the right business operations.

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Office furnishings

Make the most of your office or workplace. Krauw creates together with you the ideal workplace at your office or at home, so that you can get to work as well as possible. When furnishing your desk, consider desktop holders, screen arms or accessories such as busylights from Embrava. You will find everything you need for your desk design at Krauw!


Conference rooms

Professional meetings at the office and remotely? You need the right technology and installation for that. Krauw advises you on the technology that suits your company and your situation and on how to make your meeting room suitable for the new meeting. Krauw helps you in the field of hardware, software, cloud design and network and security. Every situation is different, so a tailor-made solution is created. The solution is here.

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